A New Series About Children Waiting to Find Families


KFVS television in Cape Girardeau has started a new regular series on its website that I want to bring to your attention. The series is called “A Place to Call Home,” and it tells the stories of children currently in the foster care system who are waiting to be adopted. There are over 1400 children waiting to be adopted in Missouri alone and thousands more across the nation. So far, the series has only featured one child, Matthew. I encourage you to listen to his story available here.

The reason I bring this to your attention is that some families waiting to adopt a child might want to consider an older child currently in foster care. It is not the right decision for all families. Certainly, adopting an older child presents its own unique challenges. Bringing someone into your family who has already developed a personality is quite different than bringing a newborn baby into your family. Every  older child is unique and no two will present the exact same challenges for their new families. However, there are challenges when adopting any child. Challenges that adoptive parents have been overcoming for centuries.

Adopting an older child is also a different legal process than adopting a newborn. However, it is a process that an adoption attorney can assist you with. If you want to consider adopting an older child, I would love to hear from you and I would love to help you with this extremely important decision.


Tana Benner
Tana Benner is an adoption attorney with Columbia Family Law Group. Her practice is focused in the area of family law and she has particular interests in adoption and helping children and victims of domestic violence.