Will I fail the homestudy?!

Do you bleach your entire home or will that seem like your hiding something? Should you leave a little bit of clutter to seem natural, or will that appear messy? The home study is a part of the adoption process that many families dread. A home study is a process of a social worker visiting the home of prospective adoptive parents to verify that the home provides a safe environment for a child that is hazard free and child-friendly with adequate space. However, the prospect of having your home judged and criticized can strike fear into anyone.
The best thing to do before a home study is relax! Realize that 9 times out of 10 the social worker is wanting you to succeed in your adoption. The state requirements are often focused on the actual safety of your home- smoke alarms, child-proofing, etc. You can ask the social worker ahead of time for the list of the requirements. The background and interview component of the home study helps to sort out child abusers and adults with serious mental or emotional problems. Be honest about your background and explain any mistakes- no one is perfect.
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Tana Benner
Tana Benner is an adoption attorney with Columbia Family Law Group. Her practice is focused in the area of family law and she has particular interests in adoption and helping children and victims of domestic violence.